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Shandong PEF Machine Tool Co. is a dedicated manufacturer of high precision CNC machine tools and machining centers. We offer customers a series of 3/4/5-axis machining centers that are designed to handle a number of special tasks such as 3/4/5-axis engraving processing, panel furniture processing, solid wood furniture processing, automotive parts processing, automobile model processing, mold processing, and non-metallic CNC processing. Our CNC processing machines are built around innovation and because of this, we hold 2 patents and 14 Chinese national utility model patents. If you cannot find any CNC equipment you need here, we also offer customization services. Contact us today to learn more!

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CNC Machines
    1. 5 Axis CNC Processing Machine The 5 axis CNC processing machine is equipped with a 5-axis linkage control system, and features complete functions to deal with more complex models than three axis wood CNC processing center and four axis wood CNC processing center.
    1. 4 Axis CNC Milling Machine The 4 axis CNC milling machine is designed with a 4-axis linkage control system and its diameter is up to 800mm. The effective processing area of the 4 axis machining center is up to 2000×4000×1000 mm.
    1. 3 Axis CNC Machining CenterThe 3 axis CNC machining center is designed with a 3-axis linkage control system and has a processing accuracy within 0.1mm. Mold processing strictly requires the CNC device to be highly rigid.
    1. Wood Engraving 4 Axis CNC Graver Router The spindle head is fixed, making the machine suitable for various 2D engraving processes, including cutting, piercing, bottom milling ...
    1. 3 Axis CNC Engraving Router The 3 axis CNC engraving router is equipped with a rotatable single spindle head, which gives it more functions compared to a fixed spindle machine.
    1. Stone Engraving CNC RouterThe stone engraving CNC router is equipped with a 3-axis linkage controlling system. The worktable is made of steel material, because it has a higher hardness than stone.
Applied Industries

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